Audrey Swayze

Principal Ext. 300

Jenna DeKruyf

Counselor Ext. 302

Deanna Hunsaker

Secretary Ext. 301

Martha Busmann

Secretary Ext. 303


6th Grade

Caroline Barger

Science Teacher Ext. 312

Jennifer Edwards 

Math Teacher Ext. 312

Dan Hill

Social Studies Teacher Ext. 317

Language Arts Teacher Ext. 321

8th Grade

Stacey Doxey

Math Teacher Ext. 314

Ann Metzler

Social Studies Teacher Ext. 318

Valerie Pryor

Science Teacher Ext. 316

Nikki Williamson

Language Arts Teacher Ext. 326

7th Grade

Sandra Bosteder

Language Arts Teacher Ext. 329

Leigh Boyd

Math Teacher Ext. 320

Denny Moretto

Social Studies Teacher Ext. 319

Donovan Dahl

Science Teacher Ext. 313


Miranda Bowen-Cofer

Special Education Ext. 323

Amanda Perrine

Art  Ext. 322

Terry Silveus

Computer Science/Robotics Ext. 324

Dennis Qualls

PE Ext. 310

Izzy Gallegos

Writing Ext. 315

High School Shared Staff

Eva Hale

Band/Choir Teacher Ext. 231

James Hillstead

ESL Teacher Ext. 210




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