Cyndi Cooper

Principal Ext. 400

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Leanna Maxwell 

Secretary Ext. 401

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Kari Tolbert

Secretary Ext. 402

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Kelly Perron

PE Teacher Ext. 441

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Duana Golden

SpEd Teacher Ext. 404

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Tiffany Katsules

SpEd Teacher Ext. 423 

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Teri Singleton

 Title 1 Ext. 424

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Cindy Bobango

Room 2 Ext. 413

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Jessica Karlinsey

Room 3 Ext. 442

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Cindy Bell

Room 1 Ext. 440

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Amanda Nemes

Room 4 Ext. 431

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Second Grade

Sarah Castleberry

Room 9 Ext. 414

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Bethany Evans

Room 12 Ext. 432

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Kristy Gorrell 

Room 10 Ext. 421

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Susan Reed

Room 11 Ext. 435

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Fourth Grade

Elizabeth Tolbert

Room 25 Ext. 437

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Dorothy Henkelman

Room 26 Ext. 427

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Ramiro Lopez

Room 24 Ext. 419

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Elizabeth Morrison

Room 23 Ext. 425

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Kathy LaGrone 

Music Teacher Ext. 429

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Lisa Parker

Curriculum/ELL Ext. 422

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Quincy Dahlberg

Sped Preschool  Ext. 412

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First Grade

Ranae Bowman

Room 7 Ext. 428

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Ashley Kersey

Room 6 Ext. 439

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Jenny Nebeker

Room 5 Ext. 444

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Rebecca Busath

Room 8 Ext. 433

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Third Grade

Shauna Anderson

Room 30 Ext. 436

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Barbra Coleman

Room 29 Ext. 416

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Amy Mink

Room 27 Ext. 430

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Stephanie Titone

Room 29 Ext. 438

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Fifth Grade

Cathy Butenschoen

Room 20 Ext. 426

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Bill Clements

Room 21 Ext. 417

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Melinda Fontana

Room 22 Ext. 420

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Olivia Byers

Room 16 Ext. 443

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