Angie Oparnico

Principal Ext. 200

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Stacy Wilson

Athletics Director Ext. 209

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Stephanie Wolf

Secretary Ext. 203

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Sharea Eccles

Secretary Ext. 201

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Mollie Lively 

Counselor Ext. 205

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Mindy Rietkerk 

Counselor Secretary Ext. 206

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Seth Blick

English Teacher Ext. 240

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Mauri Gowans

English Teacher Ext. 224

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Rhonda Walker

English Teacher Ext. 233

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Karen Peterson

History Teacher Ext. 232

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Theresa Silvester

History/Science Teacher Ext. 218

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Ann Glimm

Math Teacher Ext. 236

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Jeffery Margulieux

Math Teacher Ext. 241

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Pat Van Patten

Math Teacher Ext. 234

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Brent Cummings

Science Teacher Ext. 222

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Mitch Oparnico

Health Teacher Ext. 219

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Matt Tierney

Science Teacher Ext. 223

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Derek Jones

Agriculture Teacher Ext. 212

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Brad Lancaster

Auto Tech Teacher Ext. 213

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Taurie Thomas

Home Economics Teacher Ext. 229

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Fine Arts

Melissa Allen

Art Teacher Ext. 230

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David Blaszkiewicz

Drama Teacher Ext. 226

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Eva Hale

Choir/Band Teacher Ext. 231

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Foreign Languages

Andrew Moretto

Spanish Teacher Ext. 221

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Danielle Chavez

Librarian Ext 211

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Special Education/ESL

James Hillstead

ESL Teacher Ext. 210

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Venice O'Brien

Special Education Ext. 214

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Deborah Lyga

Special Education Ext. 207

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