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BMS Newsletter - January

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Second Semester is off to a great start. We had one hundred and fifty students receive Tribe Pride tickets last semester. Tribe Pride is a program designed to recognize students when they are responsible, safe and in control, respectful and go above and beyond in their academic effort.

Each semester these students receive a reward at the end of the semester. All the names are put into a hat and one name is drawn from each grade level for a prize.

Gear-Up is starting their Career Café. Students indicated on a survey which career they were interested in and professionals in these areas come and have lunch with these students. They talk about their profession and give students advice and what to study in school and what other opportunities are available within that career. We were lucky enough to have some Buhl High graduates come and talk to our students interested in nursing.

Ruth Loza has started a Fostering Creativity Program in the district. The program has a different writing and art challenge each month. Students can submit their work, win prizes and have their work showcased on the school website and social media. This is a great opportunity to encourage and recognize the creativity of Buhl students. She is also working to help identify scholarships that students may be able to apply for. To support this program, Buhl Middle School has started a Creativity Club. This club is mentored by Kristy Hall our art teacher. Once a week students in the club meet during lunch to work on projects, inspire each other and explore new ways to express their creativity. We are excited that so many students are interested in the project and are participating in our club.

The middle school was fortunate to have Clint Pulver, a professional drummer and entertaining motivational speaker, come and give an assembly for the students. Clint’s message focuses on the importance of relationships, seeing people differently, being the person to make the world and schools better for everyone, and being the one who makes a difference for others. He believes that a single moment in time can change a person’s life. He told our students that life, “isn’t about being the best in the world…it’s about being the best for the world.” He also demonstrated his skill on the drums for the students.

An Advanced Opportunities informative meeting will be given to students and parents of 7th and 8th graders during Parent/Teacher Conference night on February 27th. Our school counselor, Candace Cooper will be available then to help parents navigate the process. For more information, please visit the Idaho Department of Education’s Advanced Opportunities web site.

Audrey Swayze


Buhl Middle School

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