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BHS Parents/Students | Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student has unpaid fines?

Students with unpaid fines or fees from the 2018-2019 school year will not receive their 2019-2020 schedules until said fines or fees are paid.

Can I change my schedule once school starts?

High School students have FIVE days to request schedule changes from the first day of school. After 5 days, schedules changes are not allowed without administrator approval or medical documentation which supports the schedule change request.

How do I request a schedule change?

During Fall registration, students may find it necessary to schedule an appointment with the Counselor in order to request a schedule change. Appointments can be made by scheduling with the Counseling Office secretary or by requesting a meeting online at

I am new to the Buhl School District. What do I need to do?

New student enrollment packets, for High School students who are new to the Buhl School District or are returning to the Buhl School District, can be found in the Counseling Office. Once completed enrollment packets are turned in to the Counseling Office, there is a minimum 24 hour wait period before new students will be able to begin school.

What are the steps to be enrolled in school?

Students may only be enrolled in school by their legal guardian(s). Individuals attempting to enroll students in the Buhl School District must be able to provide proof of guardianship with documentation, including a birth certificate, guardianship papers, or custodial papers. Foster parents may not enroll students in the Buhl School District without consent from the student's legal guardian or approval from Health and Welfare.

Do you have to live in Buhl to go to school in Buhl?

The Buhl School District is a closed school district. Students must live within Buhl School District boundaries, with a legal guardian, in order to enroll in school. Proof of residency and guardianship papers are required at time of enrollment.

Where can I find bell schedules, calendars, graduation requirements, etc.?

Bell schedules, District calendars, graduation requirements, student dress code policy, internet usage policy and additional resources can be found online at, or inside the BHS Student Handbook.


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