WAKAPA Academy

523 Sawtooth Avenue

Buhl, Idaho  83316

Buhl Joint District 412

P: (208) 543-8225 | Ext. 246

F: (208) 543-8705

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What is WAKAPA Academy?

The Buhl School District has enhanced their commitment to the students of the district through the creation of an alternative high school exclusively for Buhl students. Students who are behind in credits for graduation have the opportunity to attend Wakapa in order to catch up and get back on track to graduate. In many cases, an alternative high school can help students graduate with their original graduating class. In the rare case that isn’t possible, alternative education strives to help students graduate as close to their original graduation date as possible.

Who goes to Wakapa?

High school students who are behind in credits and in jeopardy of not graduating may be given an opportunity to attend Wakapa. Students fall behind in credits for many reasons. Some have had attendance problems because of health or other issues. Some have experienced frequent moves during their education. Others have had difficulty learning in a traditional environment. No matter the reason, Wakapa’s goal is to reach the needs of those students who make graduating a priority.

How is Wakapa different?

The unique structure of the school is essential to student success. Class sizes are small allowing for individualized instruction. This allows the teacher to meet a student’s specific needs. The school focuses on one class per term, so that students do not have to “juggle” several subjects at a time. In addition, the small size of the school allows the teacher to really get to know the students which helps to promote a culture of respect.

Important Information:


  • New students can apply for admission as well by filling out the application and bringing it during open registration. 

  • All students under 18 will need a parent or guardian in order to sign forms. 


  • Class fee- $5.00

  • Yearbook- $15.00  

  • **If a student wants an activity card or to play sports, they will pay those fees through the high school.

Course Descriptions:

WAKAPA offers a variety of courses for their students to help them excel and reach their goal of graduating. Click on the link above to view a PDF form of the available courses and their descriptions.  




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