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Welcome to WAKAPA where, "Alternative education strives to help students graduate as close to their original graduation date as possible."



WAKAPA Academy

523 Sawtooth Avenue

Buhl, Idaho  83316

Buhl Joint District 412

P: (208) 543-5185 

F: (208) 543-8705

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Application Packet

The Wakapa Academy Packet must be completed and submitted by mail, in person, or by fax. Please click on the button below to view the packet.

School Culture

The culture of Wakapa Academy and the expectations in academic areas in the classroom, will be based on the Workforce Readiness Standards. At Wakapa Academy, genuine self-esteem arises only through self-respect—the result of academic accomplishment, right behavior, and proper regard for others. We cultivate a learning environment that encourages full development in all these areas even as we remain dedicated to teaching as effectively as caring adults can.

Our teaching effectiveness emanates from a well-structured learning day that sets and maintains an appropriate educational tone from beginning to end. When students come to school, they are coming to work. Moreover, their conduct at school must demonstrate a seriousness of purpose and a sense of appropriate activities that stress the importance of learning both individual and group skills.

At Wakapa Academy, we seek to provide not only a solid academic foundation, but also a firm grounding in character and ethical values. This begins with clear standards of personal conduct—basic expectations for appearance, behavior, and attitude—that both enhance the learning atmosphere of the school and prepare students for life in a world of other individuals with their own needs, opinions, and expectations.  Our watchwords are self-discipline and respectfulness, and we express those concerns in virtually all aspects of school life. While we make no attempt to stifle the active imagination, we make every attempt to channel that imagination effectively.

At Wakapa Academy, we believe no student has the right to interfere with another’s educational opportunity. The role of discipline at Wakapa Academy is to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning. It is to provide an atmosphere of civility in which due respect will be given to teachers and to individual students, as well as to all institutional and private property so that all members of the community will be allowed to pursue learning without distraction.

In addition, discipline at Wakapa Academy ought always to uphold the essential virtues established in the Wakapa Academy’s Vision and Mission Statements. The administration and staff recognize that requiring good conduct in school promotes students’ education on campus, encourages good behavior off-campus, and helps prepare students for good citizenship in adulthood. Accordingly, students will be expected to adhere to the expectations established by each teacher within his or her classroom.  It is the goal of the administration and staff to work closely with parents/guardians to uphold standards of courtesy, respect, and helpful behavior.

The Board has authorized the principal to detain any student for disciplinary reasons or for other conduct disruptive of good order or of the instructional effectiveness of Wakapa Academy. This applies while a student is on all school district provided transportation and time on any campus which includes the regular school day as well as school-sponsored activities.

All students shall submit to the school expectations and refusal to comply with rules, expectations, and regulations established for the governing of Wakapa Academy shall constitute sufficient cause for discipline, suspension, or expulsion. This includes both verbal and written.


Respect for School Staff
Any student who refuses to obey a moral, ethical, or legal request made by any member of the school staff or who shows disrespect for any member of the school staff shall be subject to detention, suspension, revocation of enrollment, or expulsion.  Upbraiding, insulting, or abusing any staff member by anyone will not be tolerated (I.C. 18-916).

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