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School Bus


The Buhl School District contracts with Mid-Columbia Bus Company to provide transportation services to students who qualify for this service. In general, a student who lives more than 1½ miles from their school is eligible to ride a bus. Considerations may be made for students living closer if certain conditions apply.

Mid-Columbia Bus Company

Student Bus Riding Rules and Regulations


  1. Students must follow the driver’s directions, promptly and courteously. 

  2. Students are to remain seated at all times while keeping the aisle way and stair well clear and keep all body parts inside the bus, e.g. arms, legs, head, this is to include passing of objects through the window. 


  4. Student behavior is expected to be the same on the bus as in the class room. THE SCHOOL BUS IS AN EXTENSION OF THE CLASS ROOM. 

  5. Students are prohibited from doing/bringing the following objects on the school bus:

    • Firearms

    • Weapons

    • Use of Camera

    • Tobacco

    • Alcohol

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Littering

    • Horseplay

    • Food/Chewing Gum

    • Glass Containers/Objects

    • Skateboards

    • Large objects that may pose safety risks or barriers to entry/exit from bus

  6.  Students are NOT to vandalize the bus. Vandalism will result in immediate suspension and or expulsion, vandalism charges, along with student or parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of repair. 

  7. Bus stop protocol is as follows:

    • Students are to arrive 5 minutes before scheduled pick up time

    • Students required to cross street to load/unload bus MUST do so in front of bus

    • Students must wait for signal from the driver to cross street

    • Students must wait off the roadway in a safe location at the designated stop

    • Students are not to disrupt or vandalize any property around the bus stop 

  8. Students are to keep their hands to themselves at ALL TIMES, this is to include at the bus stop, on the school bus, and at school 

  9. Failure to follow bus rules may result in student losing his/her bus riding privileges. 

  10. The above rules apply ANY time a student boards the bus, e.g., home-to-school routes, activity routes, field trips, etc.

  11. Rider eligibility:

    • Student must be registered to ride a specific bus; only in rarest of circumstances may a student be allowed to ride another bus.​

    • Students may ride to Day Care Centers only after their parents have first completed the necessary forms.

You can complete your application form HERE

Questions? Contact:

Mid Colombia Bus Company 

21326 A Hwy 30

Filer, ID  83328




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