This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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Buhl School District​


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


All enrolled students eat for FREE!

Second breakfast meal = 2.75

Adult breakfast meal = 2.75

Second lunch meal = 4.35

Adult lunch meals = 4.35

Milk = .50

Pay for your students lunch

Please follow the steps to pay for your students meals.

Step 1

e-Funds is a quick, easy way to pay for your student's school based expenses such as registration fees, lunch accounts, athletic and club fees, athletic passes and much more.

Step 2

eFunds for school.png

Charge Policy: The USDA mandates that all school districts that operate under the National School Lunch Program establish charge limits. In doing so, Buhl School District has established a 3 meal courtesy charge. If you are receiving phone calls or texts it is because your students account has entered into a negative balance and a payment must be applied. This is an automated alert through our computer system, you can see the amount and the transactions through your parent portal.

Please make sure that your contact information is current to receive notices concerning lunch balances. Our district’s charge limits could cause an interruption to meal service if we cannot contact you. You can find that charge limit policy in the policy manual on this website.

Accessing the parent portal allows a parent to see what is happening with their students. During registration all parents were given the information to access the information concerning their student. If you click on the “Balance” tab in the portal you will be able to see your students lunch balance.

You can find information on creating a parent portal account here.