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One Year of Art Submissions

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One Last Glimpse

The Fostering Creativity Challenges for art and writing began this year in the Buhl School District. It was an effort to be able to have an outlet for those students who have a passion for art and writing but it was also for anyone who wished to challenge themselves. The goal was to have a new challenge every month with the winners showcased on our media platforms and earning an award from one of our local businesses. The Buhl School District students have shown their great strengths and efforts throughout these challenges. Throughout the year we received numerous submissions and not all were showcased on the website but it's time to give you a glimpse into the creativity of the BSD students. Here is an accumulation of some of the art pieces that did not make it onto the site followed with the winners.

Enjoy the hard work of our middle school and high school students.



Thank you to all of those who helped make this project possible and a special thanks to the students who participated in the challenges.


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