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Hair Donation Challenge

Marco Oviedo's Senior Project

Marco Oviedo is doing a hair donation challenge for his senior project and he wants your help! To participate, your hair (ponytail) length must be at least 12". Hair cannot be permed, color-treated, or highlighted. Gray hair is acceptable.

Are you willing to participate? Check out the website: Find a professional that can help you properly cut your ponytail or braid by following the directions listed on the website. Marco wants to include you in his challenge by having you take a picture or video of your donation and post it on social media (Instagram) using the hashtag #marcoschallenge2020. Marco will make sure your donation becomes part of his senior project presentation. Lastly, send your hair donation following the guidelines on the website. You will place your dry ponytail or braid in a sealed Ziploc bag and put in a sealed envelope with your ID# (you get this after filling-out the online donor form on the website) and mail to the address on the website. Please donate and post your photos/videos by Monday, March 9th!


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