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PES Parents - Attention

Dear Popplewell Elementary School Parents,

My name is Ruth Loza and I work in the technology department for our Buhl Schools. Working mainly on the school website, I saw that we needed something that would allow our students to be challenged but also for our community and all those who view our school to know the many gifts our students have. I have been creating a project that will foster creativity within our students and give them the an outlet that will encourage them to work and create with a challenging goal in mind. This project is a challenge for writers and artists and because we desire to challenge all of our students I included our young Buhl Indians as well.

I reach out to you the parents because I know that the involvement of the elementary students will be more likely based on whether the parents are involved with the project. Every month I will be posting the upcoming challenge onto the school website. You can easily find the article on the schools news page. There will be details for that months challenge posted within the article. By the end of the month the winners and their work will be showcased on the school website and all of our social media accounts. A gift card will also be awarded to those students who win for that months challenge. This is an extra activity, similar to a club or one of our sports teams, but the teachers are able to include it to their class work. Students in grade levels K-2 are in a group and students in grade levels 3-5 are in a group. Students will be competing only within their group range. The overall groups are K-2, 3-5, Buhl Middle School, Buhl High School/WAKAPA. I will also be posting scholarships that are available to be applied for by various grade levels, even the elementary students. I'm hoping to have a scholarship available for the overall winners at the end of the school year.

Thank you,

Ruth Loza

Tech and Web Assistant

Buhl High School


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