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February Writing & Art Challenge Winners!

Creativity does not disappoint at the Buhl School District! We are heading into our third month of the Writing and Art Challenge and this month the students who desired to participate were asked to foster their creativity through journalism. Our Buhl School students had the challenge to write about a school activity as if they were journalists. The artists were challenged by creating a piece using watercolor as the medium. Within the guidelines of using watercolor, they were to create a piece focusing on a school activity.

Congratulations to our writers Ardice Fogelsong (12th Grade) and Hailey Black (8th Grade).

Congratulations to our artists Daisha Sherman (9th Grade) and Giianni Faught (6th Grade).

These winners were awarded with a $15 Broadway Java Gift Card! We're hoping to have a scholarship in place for the all around winner by the end of this school year. As a finale, there is an honorable mention for Elizabeth Overturf (10th Grade) who was head to head with Daisha.

The Art Winning Pieces and the Honorable Mention:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

The Writing Winning Pieces:

(Click the link to view the piece.)

By Ardice Fogelsong

By Hailey Black


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