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BHS Canned Food Drive

BHS Students,

The annual BHS canned food drive will go from Wednesday, November 11 to Monday, November 23. The canned food drive is not only a great way to give back to our community but it also offers a little healthy competition. The cans will be counted by a point system, bring in as many cans as you can and pay attention to the bonus items. The winning grade will get an hour-long lunch and the winning advisory class will get a pizza party.

If you have questions, feel free to ask Mr. Moretto or Christina Barriente.


Regular Items & Bonus Items:

*If you bring any of these bonus items on their designated days, you will get extra points.

Wednesday, November 11

Soup and Beans

  • Soup/Beans 1 pt each

  • Bonus: Family Size Cans 5pts each

Thursday, November 12

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fruits and Vegetables 1pt each

  • Bonus: Can Opener 10 pt each

Monday, November 16

Dry Items in a Box

  • Dry Items in a Box 1 pt each

  • Bonus: Cereal 5pts each, Big Cereal Bag 15 pts each

Tuesday, November 17

Canned Meat

  • Canned Meat 1 pt each

  • Bonus: Sardines 15 pts each

Wednesday, November 18


  • Ramen 1pt each

  • Bonus: Peanut Butter and Jam 10 pts each

Thursday, November 19

Italian Day

  • Pasta, Tomato Sauce, etc. 1 pt each

  • Bonus: Pizza Cutter, Colander (Strainer) 15 pts each

Monday, November 23

Hispanic Day

  • Nacho Cheese, Canned Chiles, etc. 1 pt each

  • Bonus: Big Salsa 10 pts each


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