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BHS Student Receives Honorable Mention from U of I Art Exhibition

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A Buhl High School Student participated in the University of Idaho Annual High School Art Exhibition and he has received an honorable mention! Jorge Hernandez, BHS Senior, created a sculpture with fired clay as well as dry and wet (dripping) acrylic paint. The sculpture is called "Survivor".

sculpture made with fired clay, dry and wet (dripping) acrylic paint.

University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture

The Annual High School Art Exhibition hosted by the Art + Design program thematically connects the artwork of high school students from across the state of Idaho. We celebrate thinkers and makers of all ages and know that creative expression and reflection are important skills for a student's trajectory into higher education and beyond. Our programs are structured for students to develop the creative and professional skills needed for today's global art community.

Exhibit Theme – EARTH: Concepts on Climate

Climate change has been a focus for presentations and discussions among visiting scholars and speakers throughout the 2019/2020 academic year at the University of Idaho. With this in mind we have created an avenue for Idaho youth to participate in the conversation. We welcome perspectives from across the state.


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