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Updated: Feb 6


Where: BHS Gear Up Room 202

When: Wednesday, February 7th, 4:00-7:00PM

Who: Class of 2024 & Parent(s)

Please join the BHS counselors for a FAFSA Night on Wednesday, February 7th!

This event is an opportunity for all senior students and their parents to receive

help filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Buhl High

School staff and local college admissions counselors will be available to answer

any questions related to the FAFSA, and to help guide students and parents

through the process of completing the FAFSA.

What to Bring:

-2022 Tax Return for both parents and students

-2022 W2s for both parents and students

-Legal identification (driver’s license, passport, military id, etc.)

-FSA ID and password**

**Students and parents will each need their own FSA ID in order to complete the

FAFSA application. If you have not yet created an FSA ID, please see the

instructions for creating one below. Upon completing your FSA ID, we strongly recommend that you keep it stored in a secure location. Both student and parent FSA IDs will be required each year at the time of FAFSA renewal. We hope to see you at the BHS Gear Up room on Wednesday, February 7th!

Fernando Valdez

Buhl High School College and Career Counselor

(208) 543-8262 ext. 204

Jenna DeKruyf

Buhl High School Counselor

(208) 543-8262 ext. 205


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