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How To Order Your Cap And Gown

  1. Got to

  2. Click on “Grad Packages”

  3. Fill in your information

  4. State —> select “Idaho”

  5. School —> select “Buhl High School”

  6. Student ID —> type in your 5 digit student ID number

  7. Click “Login:

  8. Select the Grad Package that you want to order. 

  9. The “Grad Pack” is the most basic package that includes your Cap, Gown, and Tassel required for graduation. This package also includes an extra “souvenir tassel” which you can choose any graduation year charm style and cord color. 

  10. The “Senior Pack” and “Value Pack” contain your Cap, Gown, and Tassel required for graduation PLUS extra items that you may purchase if you would like. 

  11. Add your products to your cart and then check out.

Contact the BHS counseling department if you have any questions or need additional help.


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