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Senior Projects

Senior projects are a state of Idaho graduation requirement. The senior project requirement has differing components: community service, a portfolio of required student work, a research paper, and a presentation detailing their service project. The completed senior project is due Friday, March 8th and presentations will begin the week prior to Spring Break. The community service project component requires the student to complete 10 hours of community service on their own time, with a community member that is not related to the student and log those hours with an assigned community service log which is available in the Senior Project Google Classroom.

Seniors should have turned in a proposal last spring detailing their plan for completion of their community service hours. This proposal is called Junior Boards. Junior Boards were required to be approved by their advisor prior to completion of their service hours. Some students have completed their service hours. If your student has done their service hours, please check with them that they have turned in their service log. If your student has not completed their service hours, they need to begin as soon as possible. In order to keep students on track, a suggested completion date for their community service has been set for December 15th, prior to Christmas Break. Please discuss with your student their work on their senior project.

Thank you.


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