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Buhl High School College Application Week

Buhl High School students and staff will be participating in fun activities and competitions this week as a part of College Application Week.

Monday: Mathlete vs. Athlete...which one will YOU be in college?!

Tuesday: “Team up Tuesday”...wear your favorite college team apparel!

  • SENIORS: College application day in advisory: Apply for college, work on FAFSA, apply for scholarships, research what it takes to become what you want to be.

Wednesday: “What do you want to be Wednesday”...what do you want to be when you grow up? Dress like a member of that profession!

  • Counselors will begin taking pictures for the “I Applied” banner

Thursday: College Competition...which Idaho college will be best represented by BHS students?!

Freshmen...wear CSI colors and apparel

Sophomores...wear ISU colors and apparel

Juniors...wear U of I colors and apparel

Seniors...wear BSU colors and apparel

  • Door judging (there will be a prize for the winning teacher/staff member, so go all out!!

  • Pre-conferences tailgate party for staff

  • FAFSA night during conferences, interpreters will be on hand to assist

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