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BHS | Most Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | Buhl High School Parent's

How do I access PowerSchool to view my students grades?

Parents and students may access grades, attendance, and the school's daily bulletin in PowerSchool via the Internet. With Internet access, you may view this information by logging into the Buhl School District website and clicking on the PowerSchool link. Web IDs and passwords will be issued through the office. Do not share your PowerSchool ID and password with anyone. If it is lost or stolen, contact the office immediately. Access to PowerSchool may be denied to students who owe outstanding fees and/or fines.

How many absences can my child have?

All students must be in attendance in each classroom 90% of the time when the class is in session. No credit will be granted to students missing more than nine days per semester. The administration shall adjudicate absences where the total number of days is brought below nine days through doctor's excuses and legitimate illness.

*For more information look on page 3 of the student handbook.

How do I report an absence?

Call our school office at 543-8262 on the same day as the absence. Make sure to state the reason for the absence. Please notify the school of any anticipated absence due to out-of-town trips, family emergencies or medical or dental appointments.

*For information on the make-up policy look on page 4 of the student handbook.

What is considered a tardy?

Students who are tardy by ten minutes or more to school or any class will be identified as an extended tardy. Parents will be notified by the attendance office when an extended tardy occurs. Three extended tardies in one class equals an absence.

Where do I go to get my athlete registered?

Our school now has an online program for the athletics registration. Click on the link below and follow the steps to get your athlete registered for this school year.

What is the school's dress code?

All students are expected to dress in a manner that is clean and neat and will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others, and does not disrupt the educational process. The BHS Staff has authority to determine if the dress code is being violated. If a student is required to leave the classroom for dress code violations, they may be considered absent.

*For information on the school dress code look on page 17 and 18 of the student handbook.


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