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BHS Student Schedules Available

-Students schedules are viewable through PowerSchool

-Students with a "See Counselor" in their schedule, or who are missing class period(s) will need to access the BHS Master Schedule and find a course to fill their open period(s). Once students have decided which class they would like to take, they may email Ms. Lively with their desired course request or schedule an appointment time during registration.

-For social distancing practices, students must request an appointment time to meet with the counselor face to face during registration (Aug 5,6).  Appointments can be requested through email or by calling the High School and requesting the Counseling Office.

-Students who have not made appointments for schedule changes will not be seen during registration. Students who wish to make their course change requests via email, rather than face to face, may also do so that way.  

Registration Dates and Times

Wednesday, August 5

12th grade - 8am - 12 noon

11th grade - 1pm - 4pm

Thursday, August 6

10th grade - 8am - 12 noon

9th grade - 1pm - 4pm

Friday, August 7

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