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Girls Soccer to State

This Thursday, October 20, the Buhl High School Girls Soccer Team will be going to state! In an effort to allow as many Buhl High School students as possible to attend the game and support the team, Thursday will be a virtual school day. Buhl High School students will not attend school in person on Thursday, October 20. Teachers will post an assignment to Google classroom for each class and students will be responsible for completing the work assigned to them.

This change affects ONLY Buhl High School students. Other schools in the district will be in attendance as usual. Buhl High School parent/teacher conferences will be held at their regular times. The girls will play American Falls on Thursday, October 20 at 10:45am at the Sunway Complex in Twin Falls. If you are interested in attending the game, would like to purchase tickets, or want to view the game from home, click the link below for more information. Let's Go Lady Indians!


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