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High School Plan for Governor's Orders on Gatherings and Spectators

*New guidelines for other high school activities and middle school sports have NOT yet been released.

December 30, 2020 Update

Winter Sports

The following information is for Idaho schools to conduct activities for the 2020-2021 winter sports school year consistent with the requirements of the Idaho Stage 2 Stay Healthy Order. The goal of this plan is to outline a plan for high school athletics that will allow athletics to continue in a way that is productive and safe for all participants while including spectators. This document will address the number of people allowed in the facilities, the maintenance and hygiene of the facilities, and how activities meet the public health goal to minimize COVID-19 transmission risk.

Spectators at athletic events are considered a gathering and school activities will follow the Governor’s Order on limiting gatherings as they apply to spectators at high school athletic events. As mentioned in the Governor’s Order, “[h]ealth orders issued by cities, counties, public health districts, school districts, or institutions of higher education that are more stringent than this Order remain valid.”

School Requirements

Schools are responsible for adhering to the Stage 2 Stay Healthy Order or other restrictions issued by the Governor or local jurisdictions. These Protocols will need to be posted on entry doors and be visible for all participants and spectators.

Schools that host events are required to follow this plan in order to host home competitions in their school. Schools are required to have a protocol in place for all areas of the facility, including parking lots, sidewalks, lobbies, bathrooms, hallways, and the gym. Entry and exit will need to be clearly marked and if possible, separate entry and exits for each group of participants and spectators.

Limitations on Gatherings

  • Student-athletes may have up to 2 spectators for both home and away teams in the event area. This includes all Freshmen, JV & Varsity teams, Cheerleaders, and wrestlers.

  • All non-participating athletes, essential personnel, administrators, and table help are REQUIRED to properly wear masks. Freshmen and JV teams may remain in the gym behind the team playing.



  • Freshmen Teams will not exceed 13 student participants

  • JV Team will not exceed 13 student participants

  • Varsity Team will not exceed 13 student participants

  • Total number will not exceed 40 student participants


  • JV Cheer will not exceed 6 student participants

  • Varsity Cheer will not exceed 6 student participants

Wrestling (duals, tri-meets, and quads)

  • JV Wrestling will not include more than 15 student participants

  • Varsity Wrestling will not include more than 15 student participants

  • Tournaments will have no spectators

Essential Personnel


  • District Approved Coaches ONLY


  • This will not exceed 1 participant

Table workers for home teams

  • This will not exceed 4 participants


  • This group will not exceed 3 participants


  • This will not exceed 1 participant

Maintenance and janitorial

  • This will not exceed 3 participants

Audio/Visual will not exceed 1 participant

Gate person will not exceed 2 participants

Health and Safety Measures


  • Masks and facial coverings are REQUIRED for all spectators when not seated and physically distanced. For districts and charter school boards that have a mask requirement, this requirement will be in force for spectators.

  • Masks are highly recommended for spectators.

  • Physical distancing must be practiced in any place in the facility.

  • For purposes of this plan, physical distancing is 12 feet from non-household members.

Direction and flow of spectators

  • The entry and exit and flow of directions as spectators enter the gym and exit the gym will be clearly marked.

  • Home spectators and away spectators will enter through separate entrances and leave through those same entrances.

  • Physical distancing will be maintained in all areas of the facility including entryways, exits, lobbies, bathrooms, and congregation of people is prohibited within the schools.

Event area, such as gyms, will be cleared after each event, cleaned, and sanitized prior to the second event taking place.

  • Spectators will have to leave the facilities after a JV event, the facility will have to be cleaned, and then the spectators for the Varsity event may enter.

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and checked multiple times throughout an event. Physical distancing signage will need to be in place in all areas.

Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to spectators and participants.

Adherence to the Athletic Guidelines

Schools will adhere to these guidelines and the Stay Healthy Order.

  • An Assurance Agreement will be signed by the board chair and superintendent that states the district will follow these guidelines.

  • A district choosing not to sign this agreement will need to follow all Stage 2 requirements of less than 10 people. This will be left up to local districts.

  • A copy of the State Board of Education's Resolution directing school districts and charter schools to comply with Stage 2 Stay Healthy Order will be signed by the board chair and superintendent and added with the Assurance Agreement signed. This resolution was voted on and passed by the Idaho State Board of Education on December 10, 2020.

A copy of these signed agreements will be delivered to the State Board of Education no later than January 15, 2021.

Consequences of non-compliance

If a high school or district is found to be in non-compliance with this document and the direction set forth by the SBOE, then the following tiered process will be followed. Only a coach, athletic director, or administrator for a team competing in the event may file a complaint for non-compliance with the SBOE.

  • First Offense: The school receives a written warning from the SBOE.

  • Second Offense: The school that is found in non-compliance forfeits that event.

  • Third Offense: The school that is found in non-compliance will forfeit all future athletic events for that sport during the winter season.

-Schools that choose not to participate in an athletic event at a school that has been found non-compliant will not forfeit the athletic event. Only a coach, athletic director, or administrator for a team competing in an event may make a finding of non-compliance before or during the event.

-This plan is pursuant to the exemption in the Governor's Stage 2 Stay Healthy Order (dated December 30, 2020)

-Widespread non-compliance with this plan will lead to this exemption being revoked in the order, and all athletics and extracurricular events being subject to the gathering limitation.


Download or Print the Document

HS Athletic Plan for Gov's Orders on Gat
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