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PES | Math-a-thon Winners

The top ten winners for kindergarten through 2nd grade won a hatching dragon. The winners are: Blayk Watkins, Alex Lobo, Austin Hartley, Anna Olsen, Bently Irish, Carsten Alexander, Abbey Lukas, Lauren Mathews, and Rhett Paulson.

The top ten winners for 3rd grade through 5th grade won a razor scooter. The winners are Kaiya Wells, Liam Wells, William Pierson, Josie Hansen, Annde Schroeder, Rosemary Osterhudt, Trinity Walls, Milla Bourlotos, Kinsley Sonner, and Conrad Jerke.

The big winners of the math-a-thon are:

First Place | Grand prize | Tanner Olsen, winning a Nintendo Switch

Second Place | Megan Ambrose, winning an Apple iPod

Third Place | Micah Alexander and Tyler Watkins, winning Beats headphones by Dr. Dre

Congratulations and thank you for everyone's hard work! The fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to all of our kids, parents, and the fundraiser team! It was one of our best years! Thanks for all of your hard work!


Cindy Cooper

PES Principal


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