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PES Receives "Steps for Schools" Award

PES Receives Award | Banner Image


*This information is summarized from the letter received from Kendra Witt Doyle, the executive director for Healthy Schools, Healthy Idaho.


Our local legislator, Clark Kauffman, has designated Popplewell Elementary School to receive their award funds from the Steps for Schools walking challenge, powered by Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, during the month of February.

Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation from Health, Inc. (the "Foundation") is pleased to award PES with a Foundation Grant of $1,000. Grant funds must be used exclusively for one of the following purposes: charitable, educational, scientific or literary purpose (or some approved variation) as more fully described in section 170(c)(2)(B) of the Internet Revenue Code. Specifically, we are encouraged to use the grant funding from the foundation to promote physical activity among students through purchasing activity equipment or support for walking programs.

The foundation looks forward to hearing how we use our fund and even seeing pictures of the children using their new equipment. They would like to thank us for partnering with the Buhl Cross of Idaho Foundation of Health.


Way to go Popplewell Elementary School!

Cyndi Cooper receiving the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation of Health award for "Steps for Schools" from legislator, Clark Kauffman.
Legislator, Clark Kauffman with PES Principal, Cyndi Cooper.

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