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PES | February Newsletter 2021

Dear Parents, Community Members, and Popplewell Students and Staff,

As it does every year, the first semester has flown by! We are in the process of completing our mid-year assessment period so we can see the growth of our students and use this data to make the adjustments needed to ensure our students are getting the best education possible.

Weather conditions:

Cold weather is still upon us. It's cold out there! I wanted to take this opportunity to review the needed cold day attire. Preventative care is that students wear appropriate clothing like coats, gloves, scarves, long pants, etc. I see many students coming to school appropriately dressed for the cold weather, but there are also students underdressed for the cold temperatures. Please ensure that your student is dressed to keep them warm when they leave your house. The school will monitor the temperature and weather conditions. When the temperature is 20 degrees or lower, students stay in.

School Schedule:

7:45 am | Students allowed in school. (This year because of COVID-19 students go directly to class.)

8:00 am | The school day begins.

8:05 am | The tardy bell rings.

3:00 pm | School ends.

*Please understand that it is important that students arrive on time and students are picked up on time.

Important dates:

Valentine's Parties are February 12, 2021, at 2:00 pm. Your child's teacher will be sending notes home informing parents of their classroom needs and list. Again, because of COVID-19 parties will be simple and teacher organized.

Thank you all for your support and willingness to communicate with us. Everyone is gratefully appreciated!


Cyndi Cooper

Popplewell Elementary Principal


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